Sunday, September 14, 2008

The drumbeat goes on.. and on.. and on..

Now in our 58th hour of continuous coverage. Still talking to those with power, and those in outlying areas with houses full of evacuees. We've had a lot of response over the web... especially through our live stream. During the peak of the storm, there were more than 3000 people in our live chat, making it impossible to read. The posts were flying so fast, they were pushed off the screen by new post almost immediatley.

A closer look at this shot from the studio reveals a problem we've had since early Saturday morning. All the monitors in the "monitor wall" set element are blank! We lost the router that feeds all the air monitors in the building. All the monitors at our desks, the ring of monitors in the center of the newsroom, all snow. We have to go the live stream online in order to watch our own coverage. Many thanks to members of the web, like Doug Delony here on the left, for keeping this vital link going throughout Ike's assault.

If you noticed the lcd's near the center of the shot; they are fed from a different router system containing in-house sources such as graphics and sat feeds.
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